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Pool & Hot Tub Electrical Services in West Hartford 

Electrical Work for Pools, Hot Tubs & Spas 

Having a pool or hot tub in your backyard is a wonderful way to spend time with those you care about. You can also save a lot of money on air conditioning simply by relaxing in a refreshing pool with your neighbors and friends, or conserve heat by enjoying a toasty hot tub spree out in the open air. To make these places safe and sound, always schedule dependable pool and hot tub electrical services in West Hartford. Our reliable team at West Electric LLC is ready to make sure you can always have secure water fun.

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Ensuring That Your Hot Tub Is Properly Installed with GFCIs

Hot tubs are very enjoyable for family, friends, and neighbors to gather after a long day, but only if the tubs are secured from electrical problem. One terrible scenario that can often occur in hot tubs which have not been set up by skilled electricians is that an unsuspecting person experiences a deadly shock of electrocution. This happens when the tub has not been properly fitted with the necessary ground fault circuit interrupter (otherwise known as a known as GFCI). The National Electrical Code has made it imperative to have GFCIs securely installed for any hot tub to avoid tragic accidents, or even fatalities. 

Speak to skilled technicians for rapid troubleshooting if you ever notice that:

  • The GFCI breaker for your hot tub does not correctly trip after you push the testing button, or only gets slightly warm
  • The GFCI breaker for your hot tub will appropriately trip after you push the testing button, but continues to stay scorching hot long after
  • The GFCI breaker for your hot tub may trip, but does not actually end up resetting the correct level of power


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Why You Should Electrically Ground Your Pool 

Nothing beats jumping into a cool, blue oasis during the horrendously scorching and humid summer months that residents often experience in Connecticut. Before you start sending invites for your next pool party, however, you should always check that your pool is secured with thorough grounding.

Because there are so many electrical components connected to your pool, it can be quite a dangerous place to play or relax without dependable grounding set up around the pool. There are multiple electrical systems for filtering algae, controlling the amount of chlorine, and warming up the water. Grounding ensures that these features do not create extra surges of power, instead safely conveying such currents into the ground and far away from you and your family members in the pool. Speak to our technicians at West Electric LLC if you are getting a new pool installed and do not have thorough grounding in place yet.

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