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West Hartford Generator Services 

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A generator can be a great asset for you and your home the next time the power goes out. Instead of risking your safety and your comfort, be prepared with an automatic standby generator. This handy unit is an electrical power system that will keep your appliances operating even when you’re not receiving electricity from the grid. Your generator can be set up to turn on automatically when the power is cut so you don’t have to worry about arriving home to a cold house and a whole bunch of spoiled food. 

West Electric LLC is a premier provider of generator services in West Hartford. Our experienced electricians can help you install a new generator system, ensuring proper hookup and optimal performance. Rely on us for quality products and outstanding customer service. 

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Buying a Generator That Will Last

Like any mechanical system you purchase, you want to make sure that the generator you select will last for many years to come. Extending the lifespan of your system begins with choosing the right brand and model for your needs. While you can research this on your own, the process can be expedited by working with a professional like West Electric LLC. Our team will help you evaluate your specific needs, such as which appliances you would like to stay on during a power outage and how much wattage they will require. This will help us determine what size generator will best suit your property. 

Once you’ve chosen the perfect system for your home, you’ll need to ensure that the installation process is handled correctly. Of primary concern is placing your generator in a location that will remain cool and dry year-round. Areas that tend to have moisture problems or have flooded in the past should be avoided. Your professional installer will help you choose a safe location and ensure proper set up of your unit. With a quality system and proper installation, you’ll be well prepared for any power outage for many years to come. 


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What Is a Transfer Switch?

In the event of a power outage, your home’s appliances will need to get their power from your generator instead of your utility service. You will also likely want to only power certain systems from your generator, like your fridge, freezer, and HVAC system. The easiest way to transfer the load to your backup generator is using a transfer switch. You can choose from a manual switch, which you have to flip on and off yourself, or an automatic switch that turns on and off when it senses a loss or gain of power. In either case, once the switch is flipped to on, the power will start flowing from the generator to the devices you have selected. 

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