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West Hartford Electrical Panel & Service Upgrades

Ensuring the Safe Operation of Your Electrical System 

One might be surprised by how many homeowners in the United States have actually never stopped to look at their electrical panel, often because it is hidden somewhere in the basement or the laundry room. Nevertheless, these important components allow you to access and then distribute the critical supply of power.

At West Electric LLC, we are proud to offer a truly comprehensive list of West Hartford electrical panel and service upgrades, including any form of support that involves:

  • New installations for main panels
  • Services for surge protection 
  • Main breaker replacements
  • Support for changing your fuses to breakers
  • Installations of emergency panels
  • Troubleshooting for flickering lights caused by panel issues
  • Services for sub panels
  • Support for main grounding systems
  • Installations for designated pool panels
  • Labeling household circuits on existing panels
  • Support for generator panels

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Why Your Outdated Electrical Panels Should Be Upgraded

You might not think about your panels on a regular basis, since they tend to be tucked out of sight and out of mind, usually in the basement, in a storage cupboard, or in the laundry room.  Nevertheless, without your panels laboring non-stop to provide a dependable source of energy, you would not be able to access reliable power required to keep your freezers, your HVAC systems, your TVs, and all your other equipment running reliably. Powerful electrical panels are also crucial to protect you and your family from suffering extreme harm, since the circuit breakers inside work to carefully control any random surges. 

Unfortunately, if your panels are old or outdated, they will not be able to function properly in distributing the electric power you need. You will notice that the circuit breakers will constantly trip since the panels cannot handle multiple appliances or devices. Upgrading these critical elements is key to preventing a major catastrophe. To avoid also having to replace your fixtures, wiring, and other crucial components, do not take a chance in delaying your panel upgrade.


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When You Might Need to Have a Service Change

What happens when your electrical panel is relatively new, but you are still experiencing problems with your circuit breaker suddenly tripping every time you plug in an appliance? If this situation is occurring to you, it may be that you are experiencing a problem with the amount of service you have supplied to your house. 

Typically, older homes in Connecticut were supplied with anywhere between 60 to 100 amperage. However, the advanced technology and electrical equipment that most residents use on a daily basis requires much higher amperage, ranging in between 200 to 400. This is when it becomes necessary for experienced technicians, like those at West Electric LLC, to increase your service to the right level, so you can access the power you need.

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