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Electrical Inspections in West Hartford 

Discover if Your Electrical System Is Safe

Having an inspection may sound like an unpleasant task, but it is very important. If anything is out of date or does not comply with the current electrical safety codes in Connecticut or with those put in place by the National Electric Code, you and your family could be at great risk of electrical shock. With our electrical inspections in West Hartford, our team at West Electric LLC strive to ensure that you are secure from any unexpected problems.

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 What Are the Benefits of a Comprehensive Inspection of Your Electrical System?

You may be wondering what exactly is entailed in an electrical inspection, and why this kind of examination could even be helpful in the first place, when you already have so many other things to take care of on your property. It is important to remember that an inspection is not designed to cause you more trouble and hassle, but to protect you and those you care about from malfunctioning components in your system. 

A careful electrical inspection can keep your household safe by examining every aspect related to: 

  • Making sure your current or soon-to-be-installed systems and fixtures are in full accordance to the most updated National Electric Code (NEC) guidelines
  • Checking the functionality and security of your electrical panels and current service level
  • Examining your electrical appliances, lighting, fixtures, and wiring, and how they are experiencing normal wear and tear
  • Testing the safety of your circuit breakers, switches, dimmers, and outlets
  • Offering guidance for any parts which need to be repaired, replaced, or upgraded 


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Keeping You Safe from Accidental Electrical Violations

It is not only extremely costly to violate any electrical codes that are required for any home or business, but quite dangerous as well. But the problem is that codes are often changing, so how can you know which ones are in place at the moment? A thorough inspection can set your mind at ease.

The most common code violations that may accidentally be occurring on your property include:

  • Having an excess of wiring coming out of an improperly sized outlet box or switch, leading to increased heat
  • Using old aluminum wiring, which is over more 80% prone to igniting fires than new wiring systems
  • Accidentally combining wiring that is low-voltage with high-voltage line 
  • Using old or malfunctioning junction boxes when adding upgraded fixtures 
  • Having junction boxes placed in locations that are not possible to access, such as those behind floorboards, cupboards, walls, or other carpentry

Remember, an electrical inspection is not designed to create extra stress but to actually set your mind at ease. With the support from our techs at West Electric LLC, you will never have to worry about unsafe components of your system or unexpected code violations.

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